Migration in Europe and Local Tradition

This project is defined as a contribution to the European year of intercultural dialogue 2008 and is coordinated by the Department of Arts and Culture of the city of Munich. MELT is being sponsored by the Programme CULTURE of the European Union.

To what extent does migration have an impact on local traditions within Europe? This is the question raised and pursued by our partners from cultural institutions in Birmingham (UK), Genoa (IT), Istanbul (TR), Munich (D), Sighisoara/Schäßburg (RO) and Vienna (AT) in the scope of the EU-based project MELT (2007-2009).

MELT triggers new impulses for the intercultural dialogue and fosters international cultural cooperation. The project focuses on various local cultural traditions, especially on those having attained visibility in the different quarters of a city. MELT aims at more transparency for such positive aspects. The “communities” interacting in terms of neighbourhoods or quarters of a city are actively involved in the project.
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